8 Free Review Activities


Download eight fabulous start of day review activities for multi-day or multi-session courses – FREE.

Give these start of day review activities a try and enjoy the results of more confident and motivated participants, who feel involved and inspired.

So what are these activities for?

These start or end of day review activities take less than 30 minutes to run. They are used to review and summarize learning progress and provide opportunities to practice and “try out” new skills or techniques. They also help to boost participant confidence and motivation at a critical point in the course. The trainer has a final chance to observe and fill any significant learning gaps before taking participants forward. Start of day reviews tend to be lower energy, that is, of slower to moderate pace. They are particularly useful for multisession courses when memories need refreshing from the previous session. They are also a good way to ‘break the ice’, set the scene and connect participants to the topics at the beginning of each day of their course. End of day activities tend to be higher energy, that is, faster paced and highly kinesthetic. There is often nothing better than a highly kinesthetic or competitive end of day review to build some energy and finish with impact!

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