Downloadable Tool: Understanding your Participants

Understanding your participants


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If you have completed Adult Learning Principles (book or eLearning), the ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass or are a Certified ID9 Professional this tool is for you!

Assess how you have incorporated the three of the 10 ID9 learning transference levels into your learning experience design together with a summary action plan.

1 – Global and Specific Learners

2 – Modalities

3 – Learning Types

If you are new to ID9 explore books, short programs and workshops to quickly incorporate ID9 ideas and practices that will enhance the effectiveness of the learning programs that you are designing.

Further Information

For further information on adult learning please refer to the series of books written by Catherine Mattiske focused on Adult Learning – Understanding the ways adults learn

  • Adult Learning Principles 1
  • Adult Learning Principles 2
  • Adult Learning Principles 3

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