Four types of Learner Outcomes

The High Performance Learning Model describes four types of learners after they have completed their learning and return to their workplace to apply what they have learned.

The four Learner Types are not designed to 'box' people into one type or another.  Once employee may be simultaneously all four Learner Types, or just one, two or three, depending on the course he or she has attended.

Proven by independent academic research, Mattiske's HPLM is a core foundation model to ID9 Intelligent Design.

High Performance

Displays high levels of motivation & is highly supported

They have applied their learning.

Managers & Trainers goal is to extend High Performance Learners to achieve even higher levels of performance and inspire other team members.


May have applied their learning on the job however have probably not shared their learning with others.

They have applied their learning without support.

Managers & Trainers goals is to engage by coaching them and be part of a team to achieve higher levels of performance.


Displays low levels of motivation and has little to no external support.

They have not applied their learning and no-one follows-up or checks in.

The first step for Managers & Trainers is to apply support to spark motivation.


Displays low levels of motivation despite being surrounded by support mechanisms.

This is a performance issue not a training issue.

Managers may counsel the Passive Learner using a formal performance process or an informal first-step conversation.


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