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Managing and guiding a team of trainers, learning experience designers and or performance consultants is often a challenge, especially when the team is focused on the needs of the business, habitually putting their own professional development last.

This program focuses on creating space and time for managers to proactively engage and coach each team member. Learning and Development (L&D) teams need to excel, so that they can continuously strive to motivate, share and inspire the larger organization to reach its goals.

Program Duration

  • 3.5 month program
  • 6 x 90 minute hour live sessions in our virtual classroom
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Workplace project
  • Study time investment of 2 hours per week for self-study and completing program activities. Depending on workplace project choice, you may need more time.


By the end of this program you should be able to learn the ID9 Manager Coaching System (ECLIPSE) and apply the techniques and tools to a variety of situations to lead your L&D team to high performance.

Program Overview

Part 1: Pre-course work (self study)

Part 2: Course work

  1. ID9 manager foundations
  2. Getting started with ID9 ECLIPSE coaching
  3. Communication excellence in coaching conversations
  4. ID9 ECLIPSE coaching meetings in action
  5. Navigating and influencing the performance pathway
  6. ID9 manager support mechanisms and program wrap-up

Part 3: Implementation


  • Map your team using Mattiske’s High Performance Learning Model as the theoretical keystone of the ID9 ECLIPSE System to plan coaching for a variety of situations
  • Gain the know-how and tools to implement consistent, quality and effective coaching techniques that help others to learn and navigate their own path to high performance
  • Build your coaching skills and experience to support, focus, motivate and inspire your team to deliver results

Immediate Results

With support from highly experienced coaches, practice using the ID9 ECLIPSE tools and techniques to coach your L&D team in real-life situations during the program.

I completed all ID9 courses and it has transformed how I design instructional materials, how my team executes instructional design, and how we are perceived in the organization, offering a straightforward, pragmatic approach to design. It ensures all learner types are considered, and it increased the adoption of learning, driving significant behavior change throughout an evolving organization.

Susan Giddens
Head of Quality Management, Process, and Training

Upcoming program start dates for 2022

February 17

May 17

July 27

$US per person


Minimum Booking is for a group of 4 participants (no single bookings being taken)