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Certified ID9 Professional

Simple, efficient, assured.

Discover the fundamentals of ID9 Intelligent Design in a simple and efficient way. Fast-track content expertise and take learning experiences to a new level of success.

Pre-requisite (Taken prior, or in parallel)

  • ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass

Program Duration (including ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass)

  • 1 month program
  • 3 Units as Digital Learning modules in TPCs online Virtual Classroom™
  • + Personalized Coaching Sessions
  • + Workplace project – create and submit a real-life workshop/session
  • + Study time investment: 1-2 hours per week for self-study and completing program activities. Depending on workplace project choice, you may need more time


By the end of this program you should be able to apply the fundamentals of ID9 Intelligent Design and use the ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass Toolkit to quickly produce an engaging workshop or session.

Program Overview

Part 1: Pre-course work (self study)

Part 2: Course Work

  1. Complete ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass, 3 digital Units:
    • Blueprint
    • Build
    • Package
  2. Create a real-life workshop or session
  3. Apply for ID9 Ruby Certification
    • Produce your workshop
    • Check your completion status
    • Submit your application

Part 3: Implementation


  • Use the power of ID9 Intelligent Design to upgrade a presentation and deliver an engaging learning experience with confidence and quality.
  • Discover the secrets to quickly pinpoint learning needs and create a sensational workshop to meet those needs head-on

Fast-Track to Instant Results

With support from a highly experienced certified ID9® Coach during ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass group coaching, apply the ID9 Intelligent Design principles and ID9 Ruby Level Toolkit to produce your own real-life workshop or session.

Certified ID9 Professional Ruby is a fantastic option for L&D Professionals, Instructional Designers, Learning Partners, Trainers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who train others, to fast-track onto the ID9 Certification Pathway and take the learning experiences they deliver to a whole new level.

ID9 Ruby assures the ID9 Intelligent Design foundations in a simple and efficient way. This is ideal for anyone looking for a great solution to upgrade a presentation and deliver an engaging learning experience!  ID9 Ruby is perfect for those looking to quickly pinpoint learning needs and then create a sensational workshop to meet those needs head-on.

Melanie Barn
Group General Manager –  ID9

ID9 certification has never been so easy!

Complete ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass and become instantly eligible to apply for Certified ID9 Professional Ruby status at no extra cost!

Certified ID9 Professional Ruby opens a world of possibilities!

Achieving this first step on the ID9 Learning Pathway leads to many options:

Training Coordinators and Associates can accelerate onto Certified ID9 Training Associate

Instructional Designers and SMEs wanting a more in-depth approach to learning design can  advance to Certified ID9 Professional Silver

Take a ‘specialist’ route according to your role and needs: eID9 for eLearning, vID9 for Virtual Learning, ID9 Facilitation Skills

With your workshop creation ‘machine’ in place, step across to Strategic Performance Consulting Level 1 and become a proactive learning partner and strategist

Catherine Mattiske
Inventor of ID9