id9-roundel-Strategic Consulting Lvl 2

Certified ID9 Strategic
Performance Consulting – Level 2

Driving high performance learning and measuring workplace performance

Transform to a strategic alliance partner who proactively integrates and embeds learning into the organization and tangibly demonstrates the value.

Program Duration

  • 3.5 month program
  • 6 x 90 minute hour live sessions in our virtual classroom
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Workplace project
  • Study time investment of 2 hours per week for self-study and completing program activities. Depending on workplace project choice, you may need more time.


By increasing Strategic Performance Consulting (SPC) skills you should be able to implement the ID9 SPC Level 2 workflow, toolkit and metrics to measure learning outcomes, demonstrate the value of high-performance learning application and drive an organizational culture that proactively supports participants to perform every time.

Program Overview

Part 1: Pre-course work (self study)

Part 2: Course work

  1. Measurement: myths, facts and realities
  2. Evaluating learning and demonstrating the value
  3. Presenting your case – presenting the learning solutions and results to key stakeholders
  4. Engaging participants’ managers in the learning process
  5. Handling abandoned and passive learners who have not applied learning
  6. Problem solving and creative business thinking
  7. Embed and institutionalize learning to grow into ‘the way we do things’

Part 3: Implementation


  • Adopt a highly proactive approach that builds credibility and business influence to engage organizations in the end-to-end learning process
  • Gain the skills and tactics to overcome hurdles with the aim of demonstrating learning application for every participant on every course

Immediate Results

With support from a highly experienced certified ID9 coach, practice using the Certified Strategic Performance Consultant – Level 2 consulting tools on your own real-life project.

Continue to build your performance strategy project to identify practical and
actionable strategies to measure performance and demonstrate the value of
learning, to build credibility and develop trusting business partnerships.

My entire L&D team became Certified ID9 Strategic Performance Consultants. This has been a quantum leap for us. We now have a unified and targeted business projects list rolled into an overall learning strategy. We know what to work on and when and the business result it will deliver.

Narelle G

Upcoming program start dates for 2022

April 27

September 1

$US per person


Minimum Booking is for a group of 4 participants (no single bookings being taken)