Certified vID9

Use our Virtual Classroom model to create live remote classroom sessions with amazing results!

Create realistic, engaging and effective classroom experiences where the trainer is in a remote location to participants. Create high quality learning and engage participants through the effective use of available media and tools.


Program Duration

  • 2.5 month program
  • 5 x 90 minute live sessions in our virtual classroom
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Workplace project
  • Study time investment of 2 hours per week for self-study and completing program activities. Depending on workplace project choice, you may need more time.


By the end of this program you should be ready to implement vID9 techniques, tools and templates to design and deliver highly engaging virtual instructor-led training (vILT) that maximizes learning and retention.

Program Overview

Part 2: Course Work

  1. vID9 foundations
  2. vID9 workflow and steps to success
  3. Design on fire – vID9 interactivity, engagement and innovation
  4. vID9 trainer and participant support
  5. vID9 toolkit and virtual training management

Part 3: Implementation


  • Expand the global reach of courses. Take dynamic and engaging learning to dispersed global teams and networks and reach more participants remotely
  • Deliver balanced and engaging programs without the need for travel or excessive time away from the office
  • Promote interaction, collaboration and teamwork from isolated locations

Immediate Results

Working within a dynamic team of like-minded participants, create your own interactive, engaging and virtual learning and identify actionable strategies to transform your vILT and distance learning delivery.

I would never have thought to change ILT training this way and have such audience participation – even more than face to face! I now have all the tools to effectively convert current training into vILT and the tips to confidently present in the virtual space.

Participant 2020

Upcoming program start dates for 2022

January 13

March 17

August 24

$US per person


Minimum Booking is for a group of 4 participants (no single bookings being taken)