Measurement analysis


Measurement of organizational learning results is an essential part of superior learning experience design. ID9 IMPACT is a subscription measurement system for ID9 Intelligent Design, used for over 25 years by corporations as their trusted learning experience design system.

This innovation is a data-driven learning measurement system, utilizing data from 11 collection points. It provides learning evidence, returns on expectation, and organizational value reporting of an individual program to an entire curriculum.

ID9 IMPACT measures a range of significant models and drivers, then creates a visual representation of the value of a single learning program, or an entire learning curriculum delivered across an organization.

The ID9 IMPACT dashboard produces two levels of reports for each learning intervention. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports are produced based on the client’s needs, ensuring that L&D leaders are confidently and accurately providing value-based reporting to key stakeholders and senior leadership.

To find out more, or subscribe to the full-service platform, contact our ID9 IMPACT team.

I’m the CEO of a small consulting business, and Catherine and her team exceeded my expectations in almost every way. They consistently surprised me with well thought out ideas on how these courses can and should work together to supplement all the services my company offers.

Kim Seeling Smith 
Ignite Global, Australia