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Take us with you! Our founder Catherine Mattiske regularly features as a guest expert on a range of podcasts, providing insights on ID9 and its potential for transforming organizations.

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On this episode of The Shape of Work, Catherine Mattiske covers a litany of tactical insights on L&D.

There is so much money wasted on training. Catherine discusses why ID9 Intelligent Design system is the solution.

In this episode of Change Makers, Catherine Mattiske talks about discovering your Inner Genius, ID9 Intelligent Design, changing behavior, and how we all learn uniquely.

Leadership and teams alike are faced with so many new challenges in this virtual disruptive era.

Creativity is a natural skill that gets rusty when not used. Like playing a musical instrument, or a sport, some people seem naturally talented whilst others have to practice more to develop their skill. For many people there may be creative blocks to overcome.

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