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ID9 Intelligent Design strives to offer engaging solutions, customized to the specific needs of each learner. Organizations, teams, and training professionals can use the system to partner, produce, and provide memorable learning experiences that deliver high-performance results.

We offer a comprehensive toolkit used by thousands of learning professionals worldwide to support development, measurement, and interaction with our high-quality training programs.

The application of ID9 Intelligent Design to business makes learning logical, with tremendous outcomes. The system reduces consulting time, instructional design time, training time, and measurement time. ID9 also increases participant interaction, engagement, and retention intending to maximize learning application. The ID9 Intelligent Design system offers a better way for all adults to be successful in their learning.

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Strategic Performance Consultant Roles

There are many roles that an effective Strategic Performance Consultant has. If you are a corporate trainer moving into the role of a Strategic Performance Consultant, you may need to sharpen your skills in simultaneously juggling many different projects and switching functions.


Influencing for Opportunity: Building a Life of Influence

Making business connections and having a strong network of people with whom you can discuss and share ideas is very beneficial. Start with organizations to which you’re already connected. Join your college alumni club, an appropriate professional organization if there’s a chapter in your city and get involved in a special interest group.