Go!…. Five Delivery Essentials to Boost vILT Impact


Top five considerations for trainers to inspire interaction and keep attention!

At ID9 Intelligent Design our training is focused on high performance – that is, we want our participants to apply what they learn.

The most important thing before and during training that leads to learning application is ATTENTION.

We consistently practice five delivery essentials to connect with our participants, maintain professionalism, deliver with confidence, inspire interaction and keep attention.  These are simple, practical things that any great trainer, L&D Professional or SME who delivers training can use.  Read on to discover our five secrets to virtual delivery success!

1.      Get the Setting Right

This comes back again to great preparation.

Clear the clutter!   The key is to have NO distractions… no pictures, paperwork, people, children or animals appearing behind, sound interference (human or animal!) or anything else that takes participants’ attention away from you and the training.

Dress for success! Make sure what you wear reflects professionalism. Check for interference on your webcam – bright white or patterns can cause webcam problems. Ensure you do not ‘blend in’ with the wall behind you.

2.      Connect with your Participants

THE BIGGEST TIP OF ALL: Imagine you’re in a classroom, just like ILT!

In this case, imagine your participants are in the room with you, just the other side of your desk.  This makes you more natural and engaging and helps to connect better.

The mirror trick! Place a small mirror next to your webcam. You can look at a friendly face when you speak and this also prompts eye contact by looking at the camera.

Use participants names! This creates a direct and personal connection, especially when used at the session Welcome and when summarizing shared Chat.

3.      Use Voice and Body Language to Connect and Engage

There are four important considerations:

How do I sound?

Your voice is extra-important in vILT. Its another way to connect with participants and keep attention. Sit up straight to help your voice. Be expressive, double your energy and enthusiasm and use gestures. Your voice follows your behaviors.

Where do I look?

Give great eye contact. Adjust your webcam and practice looking to the camera. Use the mirror trick (or a Post-it Note) so you know where to look.

What do I do?

Use open body language, hand gestures and smile regularly.

How do I look?

Remember, you are part of your visual aids for virtual training!  Check your visual appearance. Make sure your participants can see you and don’t move around too much. Dress for success and watch out behind you!

Young business people discussing on adhesive notes. Male executive explaining new business idea to female colleague.

4.      Interact with your Participants

Involve them, get their attention and keep it!  Deliver a consistent, core program which is designed for regular, easy interaction and keeping attention. This includes visual aids and regular, short activities.

Keep Attention and Engagement.  Use visual aids and activities for attention, engagement and motivation. If you suspect that you’re losing attention, change the pace, ask a question, do something kinesthetic or change something to bring your participants back.

5.      Practice and Rehearse

How will you know what your delivery looks and sounds like?  Record yourself and take a look, or seek feedback.

Deliver with Confidence.  Your body language shapes who you are. Pay attention to what you are doing.  Consciously ask yourself:

  • What am I doing in the moment as a trainer?
  • How does this positively affect my participants?
  • What could I do better or differently?

Think about what can help you to feel most calm and confident.  Use confident body language every time you train.  In the words of American Football Coach Vince Lombardi, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

You’re ready, set and now it’s time to go!…. 

Ask yourself, “What can I do next to boost and perfect my vILT delivery?”

Small adjustments can lead to big changes.  Identify a few things and start doing them from today. With fantastic preparation, set up, and embedding these five delivery essentials into your approach, all Trainers, L&D Professionals and SMEs who deliver training can boost and maximize their virtual impact.

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