How ID9 will transform your learning strategy in 2021


The world seems to be changing more rapidly than ever before and organizations must adapt in agile and responsive ways to survive. Office culture, workplace culture, and hey even Zoom culture are now unrecognizable from what they were just 12 months ago. For the first time in history, the needs of individual employees are at the forefront and adapting the functioning of the workplace around their safety, priorities, and lifestyle has become the new status quo.

A brave new world

This makes for exciting times when it comes to upskilling the workforce for a brave new world. The generic processes around performance management training and development are already a thing of the past. The workplaces of the future are focusing on the development of new pathways, the ability to engage with each other and drive innovation, and the creation of a culture that is dynamic, diverse, and inspired.

True growth within an organization is fundamentally dependent on the rich knowledge, experience, and cultivation of excellence in their people. More than just knowledge transfer and skills development are needed. For impact to be made in broader society, individuals, teams, and entire workforces must achieve learning experiences that are far-reaching and lifelong and inspire them to be the elements of change.

Transforming the learning experience

For this to be achieved in truly meaningful ways, the fundamentals of instructional design theory may still be in play, but training design and L&D strategy must be transformed, and a new approach taken to learning experience design. Regardless of the learning experience platform or which Learning Management System (LMS) is used, organizations are empowered when building, delivering, and measuring, to create customized, high-quality training programs with exceptional results.

It is this powerful premise that inspired ID9’s founder to develop the High-Performance Learning Model in the 1990s, which would then become the foundation for the development of the ID9 Intelligent Design system. By transcending the theory and prioritizing the goal that balanced programs are created for all learners, ID9 delivers the best of learning needs assessments and learning experience design in a format that is revolutionary.

The importance of passion and creativity

Corporate learning programs are notorious for being complex, unengaging, and bland – a reality that is all too often reflected in the outcomes for both the individual and the organization. By integrating the comprehensive ID9 Learning Design System, a culture of High-Performance Learning is created, with the value of programs enhanced and demonstrated through learning application and measurement.

ID9 does this remarkably through its approach – the transformation of any training topic into an exceptional quality program not only instills a passion for learning, but it also delivers results and motivates others to achieve success, through memorable and engaging learning experiences. The application of that program is also as essential as the training itself. High-quality instructional creativity results in greater participant engagement, promotes faster learning, application of learning, and ultimately delivers tangible business outcomes.

There were many lessons learned from the global pandemic – an event that demanded introspection and reflection and for many resulted in an overwhelming desire for a more meaningfully lived life. This not only impacted individuals, but businesses as well. We have emerged out of the “are you ok?” and “how can we get through this?” questions of 2020, into the essential conversations of 2021 around “what are we doing that matters?” and “how can we do things better?”. The answers lie in the development of a dynamic and inspired culture of learning that does more than just upskill the workforce. It transforms the entire culture, grounding it in innovation, collaboration, and High-Performance Learning.

ID9’s Pathways allow for upskilling of learning teams with ID9 Intelligent Design Certification Programs, or customized learning that can be developed through strategic outsourcing to the ID9 Custom Design team. The ID9 Masterclasses offer quick start instructional design course solutions, resulting in ready-to-deliver workshops or online courses. ID9 IMPACT gives a comprehensive insight into the true impact of the learning through measurement of organizational learning results.