How to Create the Magic Formula for Learning and Development: LMS + LDS = HPL


So, you’ve invested in a new Learning Management System (LMS), or perhaps you have one for a while.

Your learning and development team has been trained as administrators, and busy uploading eLearning, learning programs, gamification, social learning support, compliance programs, Certification, and running reports.

A few months or years down the track, you hear that people are lost, confused, having difficulty finding things, or people say it’s not much different from the old LMS. But, your company has invested heavily in the technology, and there’s no going back now.

High consideration was given to the LMS platform for many organizations and what it will deliver to the business. But for most, the quality of what’s uploaded was largely ignored.

The Magic Formula for Learning and Development

There is a surefire way to create a culture of High Performance Learning. Still, for many organizations, there’s a significant piece missing. 

Learning Management System + Learning Design System

= High Performance Learning

The magic formula starts with the Learning Management System. It then overlays a solid Learning Design System onto every asset within the LMS.  Using an LDS means a matrix of quality checks that are embedded into every learning asset.  This means when learners are only experiencing high-quality learning.  High-quality learning interventions result in maximized learning motivation, higher organizational support, and greater degrees of the learning application. 

The net result?  High Performance Learners who are part of a High Performance Learning Culture.

The Missing Piece… Learning Quality

Many of the user experience issues can be put down to the system. But, how would you rate the learning application of employees who have completed your LMS learning programs? Great? Good? Lackluster? Or perhaps you don’t know. Think of an LMS as a repository for learning. Having quality learning programs uploaded to your LMS is the key. Consider the Learning Design System that you use.

Do you have Learning Design Standards?

Think about how learning quality is measured. Do you have a measurement around the everyday use of tools and templates? Or, is your learning team left to their own choices when designing with some L&D people better than others? Are there standardized tools and templates? Do you have consistent design quality levels that are measured across all of your programs? In other words, are you measuring learning quality as well as learning outcomes?

The Quality Solution

ID9 is a globally acclaimed and research-based strategic Learning Design System with an efficient process to create corporate training that delivers results. ID9 provides the system to transform from training provider to business partner. This system identifies gaps, sets behavioral objectives, and offers engaging training solutions to drive high-performance outcomes. The ID9 Intelligent Design System is a framework, a workflow, and a comprehensive toolkit used by thousands of learning professionals worldwide to build and measure interactive and engaging, high-quality training programs. ID9 provides a simple and innovative system for creating sensational learning programs and workshops that increase interaction, enabling participants to remember and apply what they learn.

ID9: Proven Innovation

ID9 Intelligent Design provides a comprehensive and innovative system for developing training programs. The ID9 Intelligent Design system is suited for instructor-led programs (conducted either in a physical or virtual classroom), eLearning, distance learning, or any other way learning is delivered.  ID9 Intelligent Design produces interactive and engaging, highly focused learning. ID9 Intelligent Design is a four-phase training system, including tools and processes within each of the four phases. The overall ID9 Intelligent Design system reduces consulting time, instructional design time, training time, and measurement time. ID9 also increases participant interaction, engagement, and retention, intending to maximize learning application.

Durable Competitive Advantage

ID9 Intelligent Design has a global reach, being used by high-profile Fortune 100 and 500 companies. ID9 is focused on the unmet need of large corporations who generally invest heavily in Learning Management Systems, yet the quality of learning provided to their employees is often overlooked. Until ID9, there were no real options for organizations as individual training teams cobbled together practices for designing learning based on the old ADDIE acronym from the 1960s.

ID9 is the only end-to-end Learning Design System available for organizations to implement themselves by upskilling learning teams with ID9 Certification.  Alternatively, organizations strategically choose to outsource and partner with the ID9 Custom Design team to create learning for them.

The release of ID9 IMPACT, the technology platform that provides learning analytics showing organizational learning results, has created a new buzz in the industry. It has always been believed that we ‘should’ measure learning but never had an operationalized system to achieve their goal.

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