Influencing for Opportunity: Building a Life of Influence


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Ways to create an influential life

Express an original idea, or a common one in an insightful new way

Consider how likely it would be for the newspapers to publish a story about a person learning 2 + 2 = 4. Compare that to a revolutionary physical proof as to why 2 + 2 actually equaled 5. Of course, anyone can make the claim, but if it is substantiated by something others haven’t considered, the likelihood of getting people’s attention is greatly increased.

Meet and speak to more people

Making business connections and having a strong network of people with whom you can discuss and share ideas is very beneficial. Start with organizations to which you’re already connected. Join your college alumni club, an appropriate professional organization if there’s a chapter in your city and get involved in a special interest group.

The Internet offers plenty of ways to meet people and develop friendships, and given the trends on the internet, friends of friends grow networks easily. Forums are an easy, fun way to do this, although often time- consuming. A forum basically has users with common interests post subjects like they would do on a noticeboard, to which others can post replies. Forums exist for virtually everything/anything from music, to politics, to blogging. Other options are newsgroups, chat rooms, and other interactive websites.

Raise issues/opinions ignored by others

In business, it’s easy to keep under the radar of opinion. Consider issues that are yet to be discussed in meetings. Having opinions that are different to others and having the courage to express them may result in a greater degree of influence.

Volunteer with a group

People who work for free means they are passionate, and it also opens doors. Consider a person volunteering on the campaign of an important Minister. Chances are that the person would never have had the person’s ear if he hadn’t offered to help. Organizations can always use another hand to do chores they don’t care to do, but if someone is volunteering for those things, the organizations are likely to be indulgent, and help them with their resources in return.