Learning And Development Through A Pandemic – A Must-Needed Mindset


Check out this guy in the photo!  What does his corporate and learning mindset portray to you?

Businesses all over the world are undergoing one of the most radical transformations in the history of work. As some cities return to their offices and public transport, other people are holding their ground by working from home.  Maintaining business operations while keeping your people as calm, safe, and productive as possible during this crisis is undoubtedly a difficult task, but changing your mindset can help everyone in your organization think differently – and that is precisely what your company requires right now!

Five Strategies For Encouraging Learners

In this era of the pandemic, there are several ways to encourage learners. Here are five strategies for encouraging learners to cultivate a growth mindset at work:

  • Draw attention to their efforts and growth
  • Encourage learners to focus on the process rather than the result
  • Inform learners about how perfectionism can deadlock the learning process
  • Please encourage them to set aside their ego
  • Encourage learners to try new types of work and reward them for their Efforts

1.      Draw Attention To Their Efforts And Growth

The pandemic has created a more dynamic workplace where learners are frequently confronted with new tasks and challenges. Unfortunately, when working on a new task, it’s easy to become bogged down by our mistakes when attempting something new.

Encourage learners to pay close attention to their efforts and recognize that they can learn something new with each step they take in such situations. Perfectionism can cause a fear of making mistakes as well as anxiety to do things perfectly.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly — until you can learn to do it well,” author Andrian Teodoro wrote in “The Power of Positive Life.”

2.      Encourage Learners To Focus On The Process Rather Than The Result

When we work on a task, it is all too easy to rush to the finish line, focusing solely on completion to move on to the next task. Unfortunately, when learners take this approach, they prevent themselves from becoming immersed in the task and developing a solid understanding of completing it. Instead, they may perform the task mechanically, which can obstruct effective learning by identifying efficient processes and understanding what works and what does not.

3.      Inform Learners About How Perfectionism Can Deadlock The Learning Process

It is natural for learners to strive for perfection when working on a new task or developing a new skill. However, perfectionism can cause a fear of making mistakes as well as anxiety to do things perfectly. Moreover, when things don’t go as planned, such lofty expectations create a sense of disillusionment, reducing learners’ motivation.

When we encounter learners, who are overwhelmed by thoughts of failure, we remind them of something ID9 Faculty believes in: “If you aren’t making any mistakes, it only means one thing — you need to stretch yourself some more.”

4.      Please Encourage Them To Set Aside Their Ego

The pandemic has created ambiguity in the work of many learners. If they are accustomed to being an expert, being in unfamiliar territory and dealing with a situation as a novice may be frustrating. Please encourage them to quiet their cynical and defensive inner voice.

The better they put their ego aside, the faster they will gain a clear picture of the problem at hand — and overcome it.

5.      Encourage Learners To Try New Types Of Work And Reward Them For Their Efforts

To encourage learners to experiment with new ideas and types of work, provide them with ample learning opportunities and reward their actions rather than complimenting their characteristics. For example, rather than simply saying that they are innovative or smart, tell them specifically what they are doing innovative or smart.

Four Lessons For A Remote Leader

When it comes to your leadership and how you need to show up every day, here are four essential points to consider and act on as a remote learner:

  • Be attentive and present
  • Maintain your professionalism
  • The structure must be maintained
  • Don’t lose sight of your company’s mission

1.      Be Attentive And Present

Your entire presence and attention are essential in an online learning environment. Because you are not physically present, you must demonstrate your company in other ways. People can sense your commitment and energy through a computer screen just as well as they can in person. Therefore, you must do more than “show up to work”; you must amp up your presence and truly show up energetically.  There are some steps you can take to help you get into the right frame of mind.

  • You must have an “office” at home—a quiet, private space to work without distractions
  • Make as much video as possible with your camera turned on
  • Establish boundaries and agreements to avoid misunderstandings
  • Make physical and mental space for yourself to “be at work”
  • Make a firm commitment to taking regular breaks to rest and recharge

2.      Maintain Your Professionalism

As a leader, your appearance is always important. Show up as you usually do, if not better. Dress as if you were going to a meeting in the office. When using video, make sure you have adequate lighting and a full-face screen. Lean in and look directly into the camera (or as close as you can get) so that others can see your face and eyes.

3.      The Structure Must Be Maintained

Integrity is important. This is not the time to be sloppy. What will your people do if you do? It is critical to managing everyone’s integrity in terms of timeliness and being present and focused in meetings and conversations.

And it all begins with you – as the leader, you must set the pace and demonstrate how well remote work can be done.

4.      Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Company’s Mission

Whatever the circumstances, you must continue to stand for your company’s purpose, mission, and values, i.e., who you are as a company, why you exist, what you care about, and the difference you’re making in the world.

A sense of purpose is more important now than it has ever been. Don’t overlook the psychological impact physical isolation has on your workforce, especially since many are also full-time parents or caregivers. Your employees’ mission signed up for will help them maintain their dedication, diligence, and passion during this difficult time.


The world is grappling with working in this new environment, and leaders are learning how to work, lead, and manage employees from afar. Many are participating in this activity for the first time in their careers. Thus, as a leader, you must be ready to help them and yourself. Contact ID9 Intelligent Design today to make this journey more benefitting for you and your followers!