SET…. Tactics for Effective Technology and Tools Set Up


When it comes to virtual learning, the technology should serve as the background platform that supports effective delivery of any virtual training session (vILT).


Imagine you’re in a classroom, just like ILT!
This means your general approach to all preparation should be the same for vILT as if you were preparing for training in a physical classroom. It takes the same amount of time to check and get set up, especially your tech and tools.

Be Proactive with Technology

TIP 1: Allow plenty of time to test everything and get set up in advance.

TIP 2: Create and use a standard vILT Set Up guide. This may be a page of your Leader’s Guide or separate guidance. This should provide a checklist of all technology, tools and features to set up, test and use before, during and after training.

The top 5 Virtual Tech Checks to maximize vILT success


  • Ensure you have a clear and comfortable headset, so participants can hear you and you can work hands-free.
  • Plan to avoid interference. Think about possible audio interferences and how to avoid or manage them.
  • When training exceeds 5-6 participants, disable the joining tone.
  • Identify important commands to manage audio – for example how to Mute/Unmute all.


  • You are part of your visual aids for virtual training and a great camera set up really helps.
  • Put your camera at eye level and so you are looking slightly up. You may need to adjust your chair.
  • Zoom in! so your head and upper chest are clearly visible. People will be more likely to listen and remember what you say when you’re front and center of their screen.
  • Adjust the focus for a clear picture. Do some tests. Look at how you appear on screen and adjust the camera settings.


  • Be familiar with the virtual product, panels, tools and how it all works.
  • Complete tutorials, for example from your vILT software or tool website.
  • Run tests and practice operating tools quickly and smoothly.


  • How many screens will you use? How are they set up?
  • What are you going to have on-screen and printed on your desk? What files do you need back-ups for?
  • How will you share? You can upload documents into the vILT software or tool, or share your screen or an application.
  • Which panels or features do you need to use? Open separate panels for each.
  • Make your choices in advance and test for a great set up. Practice, so you know which panels to use, where each panel will be placed on your screen(s) and rehearse how you’ll share.


  • Two monitors allows you to use PowerPoint Presenter View. This provides extra delivery support and makes vILT easier to deliver.
  • Participants will see the presentation, while on the second screen you see the current slide, preview of the next slide, and speaker notes (if used).
  • Set up Presenter View in PowerPoint, under the ‘Slide Show’ Menu. Then when you display your PowerPoint in Slideshow mode with two screens, Presenter View opens.

Get Set for your Success!

The greatest and most inspirational Trainers, L&D Professionals and SMEs who deliver training always complete these virtual tech checks and ensure they have the best set up in place.  They do everything they can to make certain that the technology remains firmly in the background to support and showcase their fabulous virtual sessions.

So ask yourself, “What else can I do to set up my tools and check my tech to support vILT and maximize my training potential?”

Make a promise to yourself and your participants that you’ll use all of these tactics to ensure your virtual training is set up to support your delivery, to boost your confidence and provide a welcoming and inspiring learning experience every single time.

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