Where can I get my Instructional Design certificate?


If you are wondering how to get your instructional design certificate, you have come to the right place. Instructional design has proven to be a profitable and ever-growing career for designers looking to create innovative learning experiences. Before we get into where you can get your instructional certificate online, let us take a look into what instructional design truly is.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design refers to creating learning experiences that lead to the development and application of the knowledge and skills acquired. Organizations worldwide actively use instructional design to create practical and systematic processes for effectively designing effective curricula.

Generally, instructional design in a corporate setting is a part of the learning and development function.  Other job roles that include instructional design are learning design, learning experience design, strategic performance consulting, trainer, facilitator, and more.

The instructional designers create innovative, effective, and engaging learning experiences for the participants. With an instructional design certificate, you will be able to take relevant practices from education, psychology, systems theory, and creative writing to produce e-Learning, workshops, job aids, and many more performance support solutions.

The trainers of the learning experience bring the work of the instructional designers to life at workshops, seminars, and training programs. The instructional designers collaborate with subject matter experts (SME) to create learning experiences but generally stay behind the scenes when the learning experience is being delivered.

Why Should You Become an Instructional Designer?

If you are looking to get your instructional design certificate online, you know why you should become an instructional designer. However, to help you understand it better, the following are a few benefits that come with being an instructional designer:

  • The average salary of an instructional designer in the USA is $77,360, and the average salary of a freelance instructional designer is $104,228.
  • The annual job growth of an instructional designer is around 10%+.
  • Because instructional designers have a good work-life balance and have a high level of job satisfaction, they make it into the “top jobs” list quite frequently.

As an instructional designer, you will be expected to perform a vast array of jobs and responsibilities. You will need to create storyboards, write instructional content, develop the storyboard, and create this material into interactive eLearning experiences.

As an instructional designer in the corporate world, you will be spending most of your time using eLearning tools and software to create interactive and innovative eLearning courses. Organizations – big or small – have eLearning courses to provide their employees with the training needed to acquire the required skillsets for their jobs.

How to Choose the Best Instructional Design Certificate for Yourself

If you are confused about how to choose the best instructional design certificate, fret not! Following are a few tips that can help you decide which certificate program or course is ideal for you:

Be Aware of Your Goals

The certificate course of the program you choose to do must land you a valuable job in the instructional design field. Therefore, you must always make sure the certificate you wish to acquire has updated material and all the elements you are looking to achieve as an instructional designer.

Look at the Industry Standards

If you wish to enroll in the best instructional design course out there, there are many options. Many ‘quick’ programs have no relevance or value when you put your achievements on LinkedIn or on your resume.  Carefully analyze which Certification programs are the industry standards and which will give you a boost when you post your credentials.

Get Practical

It is self-explanatory that the certificate program you enroll in must provide the most hands-on approach to instructional design. As an instructional designer, your job will be to create course outlines, get information and advice from subject matter experts (SME), and put all this material together using instructional design tools and software to create efficient and innovative learning experiences. Although you might already be aware of the theory and psychology behind the instructional design process, the certificate course must provide you with both theoretical background, practical tools and processes and an opportunity to practice and be guided by a coach.

ID9 Certification Programs – The Best Instructional Design Certificate

The ID9 team helps organizations – large and small – implement ID9 Intelligent Design to become “the way they produce learning programs.” They are there to help you out at every level of training design. Organizations who wish to upskill their learning and development professional teams can use the ID9 Intelligent Design certification courses at any stage.

With the 11 ID9 certification programs, all your specializations within learning and development are catered to. Thousands of learning professionals worldwide have taken the ID9 certification programs to build interactive, engaging, and high-quality training programs.

Following is a two of the entry-level ID9 Certification programs available:

Certified ID9 Professional Ruby

This is an first-step certificate program helps learners discover the fundamentals of ID9 Intelligent Design efficiently. The learner can fast-track content expertise and take learning experiences to a new level of success.

Certified ID9 Professional Ruby is a 1-month program with three units as digital learning modules in TPCs online Virtual Classroom. Learners have access to personalized coaching sessions, need to submit a workplace project, and the program requires them to invest study time of around 1 to 2 hours per week as self-study.

If you wish to know more about this Certificate program, visit our website here.

Certified ID9 Professional Silver

This certificate program has a premium learning production workflow with academic foundations. Participants gain comprehensive and innovative techniques for creating dynamic programs that deliver results.

Certified ID9 Professional Silver is a 3.5 month-long certificate program with six units as digital learning modules in online virtual classrooms. It provides learners with personalized coaching sessions and workplace projects and needs a study time investment of two hours per week for self-study and certificate activities.

To find out more about this Certificate program, visit our website here.


The ID9 Certificate Programs are the most robust and proven instructional design certificates which are recognized by corporations globally as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to Instructional Design. Graduates tell us that once they have their ID9 Certification, doors open.  There are 11 ID9 Certificate programs to choose from, as they vary according to their duration, cost, purpose, and material depth. To browse through more of the instructional design certificate programs and choose which one is ideal for you and your team, visit our page here.

Contact us now if you wish to find out more about ID9 Intelligent Design Certification programs or Masterclasses.