What is ID9 Intelligent Design?


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Over the last 5 decades or so, approaches to professional Learning and Development (L&D) have taken a ‘throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ approach. Amongst L&D professionals there’s even a behind-closed-doors term for this approach – ‘spray and pray’.

If you wander back through L&D history, you’ll stumble across the proof of this; from ‘performance consulting’, ‘instructional design courses’, or ‘training measurement’, to ‘learning analytics’, learning experience design, ‘course development’ and so on. There have been plenty of names, styles, and different ways to do the same thing, but none that actually consider the diversity of today’s modern learners and apply strategic design to the entire L&D workflow.

The ID9 approach to learning experience design is revolutionary, when we consider L&D history. Best practice in most learning theories and instructional design principles has rarely involved putting the learner first and meeting them as individuals, at any stage of their learning needs. As a Learning Design System (LDS), ID9 Intelligent Design’s starting point is to ensure balanced programs are created for all learners. Using ID9, the individual learning experience is enhanced, resulting in organizations that develop a culture of learning. The result – an upskilled workforce, delivery on compliance, whilst driving excellence and engaging people at every level.

Grounded in the HPLM

In the early years of her career as a trainer and manager, Catherine Mattiske was driven by a mixture of frustration and curiosity, to try to understand why adult learning programs never quite hit the mark. In looking for a better way for all adults to be successful in their learning, Catherine developed the High-Performance Learning Model. This came out of extensive research and real-world exploration of ‘oh so many’ systems, designs, and processes around training design and implementation. It’s from this model that ID9 Intelligent Design evolved.

The model identifies the four types of learner outcomes and the levels of learning support required for each quadrant. Essentially, after the learning program has taken place it ‘lands’ learners in one of the four quadrants. This identification process establishes the needs and gaps unique to the individual learner and enables the learning to be applied accordingly.

Recognizing the learning design process

Along with identifying how people learn via the HPLM, the ID9 system recognizes distinct phases of the learning design process. A four-phase approach ensures the rapid and highly effective production of measurable, interactive, and balanced training design in an end-to-end process. The four phases are: partnering to establish the learning gap; producing instructional design to write and prepare the training program; providing the program through the chosen delivery method; and measuring the impact of the learning on performance.

Maximized high-performance learning

Lacking in many learning experience design theories, is the notion of creating a High Performance Learning culture, where learning is valued across the entire organization, employees are highly engaged to retain and apply what they’ve learned, and L&D teams receive the accolades they deserve.

The unique feature of the ID9 system is its focus on maximizing high-performance learning. A multifaceted approach designs around the learner, to not only provide the learning outcomes they want or need, but to deliver in interactive and engaged ways that encourage highly focused learning. It’s suited for instructor-led programs, either in a physical or virtual classroom (hello post pandemic world), as well as through e-learning, or distance learning, or via any other learning experience platform through which learning is delivered.

Transcending theory with superior learning experience design

The development of new pathways, the ability to engage with each other and drive innovation, and the capacity to grow continuously within an ever-changing world will be the defining feature of workplaces of the future. Regardless of the learning experience platform or which Learning Management System (LMS) is used, organizations are empowered when building, delivering, and measuring, to create customized, high-quality training programs with exceptional results.

ID9’s end-to-end Learning Design System is the most effective and respected of its kind globally, because of the impact of the solutions on corporate learning programs. Pathways allow for upskilling of learning teams with ID9 Intelligent Design Certification Programs, or customized learning that can be developed through strategic outsourcing to the ID9 Custom Design team. For those with the expertise to share, the ID9 Masterclasses offer quick start instructional design course solutions, with ready-to-deliver workshops or online courses as the outcomes. Learning outcomes are transformed with the application of ID9 IMPACT – a tool that measures organizational learning results and gives a comprehensive insight into the true impact of the learning.