John Dewey – Experiential Learning

In this blog, we will cover the intellectual practice of learning which gave rise to the experiential learning, i.e., learning by doing. It is the most challenging form of learning as the trainers and instructors still struggle with this type of learner.

10 Reasons Why Corporate Training is Better Than Hiring New People

It is the employer’s responsibility to train their employees to stay relevant to the advanced methods of getting a job done. It will help the company in improving its overall performance by generating more revenue.
There are many reasons why corporate training is better than hiring new people. Let’s explore more…

8 Free Review Activities

Download eight fabulous start of day review activities for multi-day or multi-session courses – FREE.

How to delight the Modern Learner with Learning Experience Design

Learning and Development experts are currently entrusted with new difficulties outside their usual range of familiarity, mainly because the changing dynamics bring about a lot of challenges. So how do you delight the Modern Learner with Learning Experience Design?