When I began my career as a trainer, the technical terms associated with professional learning and development seemed to all mean the same thing to me. I wanted to create a better way to make learning outcomes more successful for my participants.

Catherine Mattiske
Founder of ID9 Intelligent Design

Strategic learning experience design that creates a culture of excellence

What is the ID9 Intelligent Design system?

ID9 is a Learning Design System (LDS) that meets you at any stage of your individual or organizational learning designer needs.

Our system is the result of deep and thorough research, combined with practical know-how. A well organized and strategic approach to knowledge and skills development within any organization is essential. Progress is only possible when a workforce is dynamic, diverse, and inspired. The ID9 system’s unique approach to training design maximizes high-performance learning, while its tools and processes will transform the way learning experiences are created. Regardless of the learning experience platform or which Learning Management System (LMS) is used, organizations are empowered to build, deliver, measure, and create customized, high-quality training programs with exceptional results.

Actual growth within an organization is fundamentally dependent on the rich knowledge, experience, and cultivation of excellence in their people; more than just knowledge transfer and skills development are needed. For impact to be made in broader society, individuals, teams, and entire workforces must achieve learning experiences that are far-reaching and lifelong, inspiring them to be the elements of change.

ID9 is the system of choice for the global healthcare industry

How is it used?

ID9 is focused on large corporations who generally invest heavily in learning management systems, yet still, overlook the quality of learning provided to their employees.

ID9 is the world’s only effective and respected Learning Design System, because of the impact our solutions have on corporate learning programs. Many organizations within a range of sectors – pharmaceutical and healthcare in particular – are using ID9 to build and measure interactive and engaging, high-quality training programs.

The ID9 Intelligent Design system is suited for instructor-led programs, either in a physical or virtual classroom, through e-learning, or distance learning, or via any other learning experience platform through which learning is delivered, to produce interactive, engaging, and highly focused learning. The system can be used to create any type of learning.

ID9 offers the only end-to-end learning design system available for organizations to implement themselves. Pathways allow for either upskilling of learning teams with ID9 Intelligent Design Certification programs or development of customized learning, strategically outsourced to the ID9 Custom Design team.

ID9 is used across all types of industries, each with their own unique learning needs

Who uses ID9 Intelligent Design?

Since 1994, we’ve built trusted learning partnerships with some of the largest organizations in the world.

The ID9 Intelligent Design system is implemented to deliver robust, consistent, compliant, world-class training. ID9’s system is the benchmark for learning experience design. Its agile structure allows flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of unique teams, divisions, organizations, sectors, or entire industries.

ID9 Intelligent Design is the preferred learning design system and primary tool used across the industry. It has a deeply established presence in the global healthcare industry, including for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) training for the pharmaceutical industry. Thousands of learning professionals from across many of the largest pharmaceutical organizations are Certified in ID9 Intelligent Design in their area of specialization: from strategic performance consulting and instructional design, to learning delivery and performance support and measurement. Any level of learning can be achieved, with our clients applying it to coaching and mentoring, all types of training for the pharmaceutical industry, and leadership development programs in pharmaceutical companies.