Build a high-performance culture and get exceptional results

Why ID9?

Leveraging on the fundamentals of learning needs assessments and learning experience design, the ID9 system in action creates a culture of high-performance and delivers results that exceed expectations.

The ID9 system’s foundations are embedded in the High-Performance Learning Model, developed by ID9’s founder Catherine Mattiske. ID9 Intelligent Design’s four-phase approach ensures the rapid and highly effective production of measurable, interactive, and balanced training.

After studying the ideas around the dimensions of adult learning, I created a hypothesis of my own around training delivery. From this, a ‘training mindset’ also evolved. After training thousands of participants, I determined what worked and years later created the ID9 System; the ‘how’ of creating highly motivated, highly supported High-Performance Learners.

Catherine Mattiske
Founder of ID9 Intelligent Design

Maximized learning opportunities transform corporate training design

The High-Performance Learning Model (HPLM)

Founder Catherine Mattiske’s early exploration of instructional design principles led to a decades-long search for systems, designs, or processes around training design and implementation. The globally acclaimed and research-based ID9 system evolved out of the High-Performance Learning Model, developed by Mattiske in the late 1990s. The model identifies the four types of learners and the levels of learning support required for each quadrant. By meeting your people where they are, identifying their learning needs and gaps, and responding accordingly, ID9 can transform the way performance management training and development are designed.

In his Ph.D. research, Dr. Paul Lever, ID9’s Chief Research Officer, and Chair of the ID9 Advisory Board academically proved the efficacy of the High-Performance Learning Model and how the ID9 Learning Design system operationalizes the theory.

An end-to-end process for highly effective training design

The four-phase approach

The ID9 system recognizes four phases of the learning design process:

  1. Partner to establish the learning gap
  2. Produce instructional design to write and prepare the training program (instructor-led, e-learning or any other platform)
  3. Provide the program through the chosen delivery method
  4. Perform measures the impact of the learning and drives high performance through post-course support.

This four-phase approach ensures the rapid and highly effective production of measurable, interactive, and balanced training design in an end-to-end process.

ID9 Intelligent Design is a system and a comprehensive toolkit that enables the rapid production of measurable, interactive, and balanced training. It’s aligned to organizational needs, without the requirement for direct subject expertise.

Using ID9 Intelligent Design across your organization, enables teams and training professionals to partner, produce, and provide memorable learning experiences that deliver high-performance results. The system and processes, together with an end-to-end toolkit, are focussed on maximizing the opportunities to create high-performance learners. As a result, a culture of high-performance learning is established within the organization.

How first-class learning inspires exceptional results

What are the key benefits?

  • The transformation of any training topic into an exceptional quality program creates memorable and engaging learning experiences. Instil a passion for learning that delivers results and motivates others to achieve success.
  • The application of high-quality instructional creativity results in tangible business outcomes, greater participant engagement, and promotes faster learning.
  • The value of programs is enhanced and demonstrated through learning application and measurement.
  • Employing a standardized methodology drives a consistent approach to learning – plus your teams achieve a globally recognized certification.