Catherine Mattiske
CEO, Founder of ID9 Intelligent Design

Catherine Mattiske is the inventor of the globally acclaimed instructional design system – ID9 Intelligent Design. This inventive, research-based system creates corporate training that delivers exceptional results.

Catherine founded The Performance Company (TPC) in 1994, serving clients worldwide with offices in Australia, Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Catherine is a globally recognized training expert. Her focus is on energizing and influencing organizations to change employee behavior to drive business results and achieve goals. Residing in Melbourne, Australia, and traveling the globe, Catherine has been referred to as ‘the maestro of changing behavior’.

Sought after as a consultant advising the world’s largest organizations on their L&D strategy, Catherine is also the author of 30 published books. These include the 27 part Learning Short-take™ series, the best sellers, Train for Results, and Training Activities That Work, and her latest book – Leading Virtual Teams, published in 2020.

ID9 dynamically powers many of the internal training programs for the world’s leading brands. Over 4,500 professional trainers and instructional designers have become certified in ID9, going on to train 5 million participants globally.

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Discover Catherine’s books.

Catherine is the author of 30 published books. The 27 part Learning Short-take series, the best sellers, ‘Train for Results’, and ‘Training Activities That Work’ and ‘Leading Virtual Teams’ published in 2020.


Dr. Paul Lever
COO, CRO (Chief Research Officer), and Chair of the ID9 Advisory Board

As our Chief Research Officer (CRO), Dr. Paul Lever consults with clients on maximizing learning transfer across multi-faceted and multi-platformed corporate learning curriculums.

Dr. Lever provides commentary and guidance to our management team in his role as Chair of the ID9 Advisory Board.

Dr. Lever has been our Chief Research Officer (CRO) since 2010. His expertise includes organizational development, negotiation, sales and marketing, and operations.

In 2011, he began Ph.D. research into strengthening learning application. In 2014 he published research with significant findings into how learning transfer was enhanced, by the engagement and accountability of managers and a learner’s key stakeholders. The research findings concluded that proactive support and encouragement of learners before, during, and after the learning intervention enhanced learning transfer and the application of learning.

As Chair of the ID9 Advisory Board, Dr. Lever provides comments, support, and advice to our management team on the company’s direction in-line with government regulations, the corporate marketplace, and global industry trends.


Melanie Barn
Group General Manager, ID9

As the Head of ID9 Custom Design, Melanie Barn maintains oversight and project management of all instructional design projects. In her role as an ID9 Certified Trainer, she certifies trainers from around the world in ID9 Intelligent Design.

She is the go-to person for ID9 Intelligent Design expertise and its use in practical day-to-day training and projects and coaches people globally in how to optimize the use of ID9.

Joining us in 2011, Melanie is a specialist in design, development, and delivery of instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led training, e-learning modules, digital videos, and learning-focused articles and interactive documents.

Leading the ID9 Custom Design team, Melanie and her team develop high-performance learning for our clients on any subject, using any combination of methodologies.

Melanie is an international training professional with 20 years of training and instructional design experience. A certified ID9 Coach and Trainer, with more than 15 years of experience using ID9 Intelligent Design, Melanie is also co-author of Training Activities That Work.

Melanie has a strong Pharma Biotech background since working for Amgen for 5 1/2 years and Roche for 7 years in training, R&D, clinical research, and comms. Melanie brings a wealth of first-hand experience to TPCs pharmaceutical clients.


Justin Huehn
Creative Director

Since joining us in 2006, Justin Huehn has become a vital part of our project management and leadership team, taking care of both the creative and technical sides of the production environment.

His expertise in holistic branding across all media, including brand guardianship, conceptual thinking, and technical team management, has been invaluable.

Justin has an excellent and highly tuned range of skills and attributes, essential to ID9’s development. His capabilities include design across all media, communication skills, and customer care.

A formally trained designer in the creative industry, Justin has held titles including Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director for both private and Australian Federal Government agencies.

His quick understanding and ability to simplify complex projects and ideas make for optimal communication outcomes. This breadth of experience enables him to deal with all facets of each project. His proficiency comes from substantial experience and knowledge, working on hundreds of pharmaceutical projects.

Justin has worked extensively within the learning and development sector for our international pharmaceutical client companies such as Genentech, Roche, Novartis, Regeneron, and Lonza.

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Awards and Recognition

Over 5 million participants globally have been trained by ID9 certified professionals as trainers and instructional designers. The success of the ID9 Intelligent Design system has been recognized numerous times, with our clients receiving some of the most prestigious awards across industries, including Learning Technologies UK Awards, BEST Awards, LearnX, and The Learning Awards. ID9 certified training has been used extensively in award-winning ATD, ISPI, and CIPD training programs globally.