Certified ID9 Professional

Thorough. effective. proven.

Premium learning production workflow with academic foundations. Gain comprehensive and innovative techniques for creating dynamic programs that deliver results.

Program Duration

  • 3.5 month program
  • 6 units as digital learning modules in our online virtual classroom
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Workplace project
  • Study time investment of 2 hours per week for self study and completing program activities. Depending on workplace project choice, you may need more time.


By the end of this program you should be able to produce training courses using ID9 Intelligent Design, which ensures all learners are catered for, maximizes learning application and significantly reduces design time.

Program Overview

Part 1: Pre-course work (self study)

Part 2: Course Work

  1. ID9 foundations
  2. Blueprint and design flow
  3. Design topics
  4. Complete learning design
  5. Maximize learning potential
  6. Package learning and program wrap-up

Part 3: Implementation


  • Master the foundation level of ID9 Intelligent Design learning production and build your learning design expertise to achieve the next level of success
  • Gain the know-how and tools to implement standard, consistent, quality and engaging training that helps others to learn

Immediate Results

With support from a highly experienced certified ID9 Coach, practice using the ID9 Intelligent Design Silver Level Toolkit to produce your own real-life course.

Throughout the ID9 Silver Certification, you experience a program that is professional both content and process-wise, with a human touch. It provides you with an easy to understand and structured set of tools to either create a brand new training or redesign an existing one. It helps you design a training process that exceeds the expectations of participants and motivates them to apply the learning; and you don’t have to be the subject matter expert.

Jana Pollakova
Managing Director
Casa Lila, 

Upcoming program start dates for 2022

January 4

February 1

February 23

March 24

April 28

June 8

June 23

July 21

August 23

September 15

$US per person


Minimum booking is for a group of 4 participants. (no single bookings being taken)

My name is Ruth Frommherz. I’m from Basel, Switzerland I did the Certified ID9 Professional Silver program. Before going into the course, my biggest issue was that I was an SME only and did not have any training background. During the course, I learned how to structure and build training to make the most out of the participants’ time. The biggest benefit for me from doing this course was that I could learn in a short time how I can use this knowledge most effectively as an SME, connecting to the virtual sessions from all over the world (Bali, India, Japan, Europe). It completely changed the way I am designing training, and I use this knowledge to set up workshops. I can recommend this training to every SME who wants to share knowledge or set up training professionally.

Ruth Frommherz-Gaco
Global QMS Program Manager, Novartis Global Quality
Basel, Switzerland