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Corporate learning revolutionized

ID9® Intelligent Design provides a comprehensive, innovative, and powerfully streamlined approach to learning design. We’ve taken the complexity out of your corporate learning programs by revolutionizing learning experience design.

The development of new pathways, the ability to engage with each other and drive innovation, and the capacity to grow continuously within an ever-changing world will be the defining feature of workplaces of the future. 

Using ID9, organizations develop a culture of learning that upskills their workforce, delivers on compliance, whilst driving excellence and engaging their people at every level.

Leading the world in how learning programs are produced

Discover our solutions

The ID9 system sets the global standard in learning design systems. Large and small organizations implement ID9 Intelligent Design and ‘the way they produce learning programs’ is forever changed for the better. Our solutions meet your needs at every level of training design, needs analysis, delivery, and learning measurement.

  • Our ID9 Masterclasses offer a wide range of ready-to-train workshops and digital modules including the acclaimed ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass, which is a fast-track ID9 instructional design course for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), training teams, and people wanting to turn their expertise into a workshop.
  • Learning and development professionals can upskill their professional accreditation with ID9 Intelligent Design Certification Programs. ID9 Certification provides a new dimension of learning, compared to other train the trainer certification courses.
  • Outsource your project to the ID9 Custom Design team and customize your in-house learning programs with bespoke workshops, virtual learning, e-learning modules, resources, and more.
  • Measurement of organizational learning results is an essential part of superior learning experience design and ID9 IMPACT provides a data-driven measurement for the ID9 system, together with performance management training.

Innovation in learning experience design

Why ID9 is ‘Intelligent Design’

The ID9 Intelligent Design system has empowered the learning experiences of thousands of professionals worldwide. Our unique Learning Design System is globally acclaimed and research-based, using Learning & Development (L&D) strategy to develop a unique approach to learning experience design.


Instructional Design Courses

Train the Trainer Certification

Custom Training Design

For over two decades, we have crafted and refined our systems to make the way you design training easier, removing the complexity of corporate learning programs. Beyond that, the ID9 learning pathways function to inspire collaboration and drive excellence in individuals, motivated by the intention to grow a culture of high-performance learning culture.

Working with industry-leading partners

For more than 2 decades now, we have been working with many of the world’s most innovative and influential organizations. ID9 has become the preferred learning design system across industry, revolutionizing the way corporate learning is designed, delivered, and measured.

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Participants attended courses written using ID9




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Insights to inform and inspire

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