Increase employee engagement and retention with learning experience design


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations around the world have experienced or are still experiencing hiring freezes and budget cuts. Although some were able to retain employees by increasing salaries, this is no longer the case. Employees look for training and learning opportunities to improve their work skills and professional development. Even though money may help with employee retention, it is not enough to increase their engagement.

Organizations can ensure they provide their employees with proper training and development programs through learning experience design. This can help significantly increase employee engagement and retention.

Because organizations in recent years have become swift, demanding, and dynamic, employees wish to join an organization that provides them with better opportunities for learning and development (L&D). To help organizations keep their employees, they must provide them with development programs that are designed using excellence in learning experience design (LXD).

What is Learning Experience Design (LXD)?

Learning experience design refers to creating learning experiences that allow learners to achieve their desired learning outcomes in a human-centered and goal-oriented way. There are various design disciplines within the field of learning that create a learning experience design. For example, some design disciplines used in LXD are instructional design, user experience design, graphic design, and game design. These disciplines are combined with training and development, instructional design, cognitive psychology, experiential learning, educational sciences, and neuroscience.

How Learning Experience Design Can Boost Employee Retention and Engagement

Learning experience design helps organizations align employees with their specific goals and expectations and provide them with the skills they need to perform their jobs. It can significantly help in improving employee retention. Organizations can make employees more effective and capable of adapting to change by providing them with proper training and development opportunities.

5 Tips To Increase Employee Engagement And Retention With Learning Experience Design

Following are a few reasons why learning experience design can boost employee retention and engagement:  

1.      It elevates work performance

Learning experience design provides learners with the knowledge and feedback they need to be aware of to perform better. It helps learners eliminate negative performance and increases their self-confidence.

Great learning experience design can fill the skill gaps and the lacking qualities in employees required by organizations. For example, an employee working in the sales department can recognize their weakness in sales processes via the learning experience created by the LX designer. With the help of LXD, the employee can close more deals and lead to more positive results.

2.      Increasing Engagement

Excellent learning experience design in corporate workshops helps keep employees motivated and interested in their jobs and focuses on improving themselves. Innovative learning experience design can help organizations increase employee engagement and create a people-centered culture.

When workshops, training programs, mentorships and coaching are constructed using modern learning experience design, it can help organizations provide their employees with training and development opportunities that outline and reinforce their goals. Excellent LXD has the power to keep employees motivated, engaged, and interested in their jobs.

3.      Empowering Advancement

One of the biggest reasons employees leave organizations is that they do not see any opportunities to advance. However, when every learning interaction is crafted on brilliant learning experience design, organizations can empower employees, help them grow, increase engagement and retention, and build the skills they need to advance in their jobs.

Organizations belonging to any type of industry and roles can use learning experience design to increase employee engagement and retention. In addition, such organizations that make use of LXD can provide employees opportunities that are focused on personal growth and career advancement, which leads to enhanced engagement and retention.

4.      Acknowledge Achievements

Constructive criticism does not only help employees learn from past mistakes but helps encourage them to perform better and increases engagement and retention. In addition, the organization can offer praise to the employees for good work and make them feel valued.

With the help of learning experience design, employers can work with employees to set goals for themselves and help them achieve success, leading to achievements.

5.      Tools for Employee Retention

An organization’s learning experience design should be supported by technology with helpful employee retention tools. For example, there is various cloud-based friendly software that exists to tend to problems of different departments.

Such retention tools when working with learning experience design can help increase employee engagement and retention.  

Three Employee Learning Strategies

To give you a better idea of how learning experience design can increase employee retention and engagement, the following are a few of its learning strategies:

1.      Training

Employees can receive training through learning experience design in lectures, videos, podcasts, simulations, and much more to develop their skills. They must participate actively in these training programs actively to enhance engagement and retention. Training can help shape soft (communication, time management, much more) and employees’ hard (technical and functional) skills.

2.      Coaching

Coaching refers to skilled employees working with untrained or new employees. The newly hired employees can understand the dynamics of the organization much more clearly with the help of coaching provided by learning experience design.

Indeed, coaching can help the new employees pick up the tactics and habits owned by the coach, which can lead to enhanced engagement and retention.

3.      Workshops/Group Participation

Employees get a chance to increase engagement through workshops and group participation included in learning experience design. Workshops help employees develop their soft skills such as communication, teamwork, presentation, networking, public speaking, and leadership skills. Furthermore, participating in groups and workshops can also help employees improve their research and analytical skills.


Learning experience design can help improve employee engagement and retention significantly. Organizations that wish their employees to go further in their careers and learn self-discipline can benefit considerably from LXD.

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